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Step by step guide on how to enroll for a course on our e-learning portal

How to enroll for a course on our e-learning portal

1. Click here to navigate to the e-learning portal.
2. Click on “New account" button as shown below

3. Complete the form “Create My New Account" button
4. A verification mail is sent to your email
5. Open the email click on the verification link or copy the link and paste on your browser as shown below.

6. Once, your account is verified, you will be redirected to a login page.
7. Login with your username and password and you will be redirected to your dashboard as show below

8. Click on Site home menu as show above and scroll down to the list of courses.

9. Click on any course of your choice and you will redirected to a payment page
10. Click on the payment category that suit you as show below

11. A dialog box will pop out to enter your card details as show below

12. After entering your card details, Paystack will debit you and you will automatically enrolled into the course  as shown below

Note: For each section of the course the you read and go through, always check the progress checkbox, to signify read and proceed to next section. see picture below

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