Is Your Workplace SAFE?

Is Your Workplace SAFE?

Your workplace is an environment for generating and exchanging value in exchange for money. Where you, the employees and the customers transact daily should be a safe haven. It is expedient that you and your team mates are health and safety conscious.

Many people have gone to work or visited companies for transactions and ended up hurt, injured or even dead. In fact, some companies have lost employees, visitors, equipment worth millions dues to negligence and carelessness. Though these organizations are set up to meet customer needs, but unfortunately they have become death traps due to negligence. The question is: is your workplace a safe haven or a death trap?

I understand that no company sets out with the goal of endangering the lives of those that work for them or their customers but so many do so by their failure to take necessary precautions that will eliminate or reduce hazardous conditions.

The workplaces with death traps are where the management and staff do not understand Health Safety and Environment procedures and how to apply them, therefore leading to the loss of the human resources as well as materials and structures resulting to damages loss.

In life, nobody plans for evil, yet, it happens. We are used to “it’s not my portion” kind of statements but nothing stops you from taking necessary and crucial precautions to ensure that such scenarios are avoided or best, eliminated.

In the work environment incidents like fire outbreak, electrocution, misuse of equipment etc. are possible accidents that could occur but you can set up procedures and measures to combat and eliminate the possible outcomes. The foundation for setting up a safe environment is arming yourself with the relevant training and skills on Health Safety and Environment.

In the next post, I will share with you tips on how to set up systems and procedures that ensures healthy and safe work environment for you, your employees and the customers.

But just before I leave you for this week, here is a recap of the point I have made today: your workplace is the engine for generating products or solution to your customers in exchange for money. It is crucial that you keep it safe, healthy and free from hazard. The key to safety is not just prayers and wishes but precautions and proactivity which begins with the Health Safety and Environment consciousness.

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