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HR Training to Increase Your Employability

In my previous post, They Told You that There is no Job? Lie!, I pointed out that the claim that there is no job is a fallacy which you should not subscribe to. I equally emphasized that ...
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3 Keys to Secure Your Workplace

In the post, Is Your Workplace Safe?, I emphasized the need to ensure that your workplace is not just a place for business transaction but a safe haven for your staff members and customers. I promised to ...
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Turning First-Time Customer to Lifetime Customer

As a business owner, you would have seen that customer acquisition is not a light job—it’s so hard that companies hire marketers to help them acquire customers. As a wiser entrepreneur, you wouldn’t want to spend all ...
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The Power of Right Hiring

Everyone who owns a business or runs an organization needs people to run the systems and implement the strategies that will ensure the smooth operation and attainment of stipulated organizational goals. Even small business owners need one ...
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Is Your Workplace SAFE?

Your workplace is an environment for generating and exchanging value in exchange for money. Where you, the employees and the customers transact daily should be a safe haven. It is expedient that you and your team mates ...
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They Told You There Are No Jobs? Lie!

If you are a young person living in Nigeria today, you must have been bombarded with the idea that there are no jobs. If you don’t hear it from your parents, you see it in the news ...
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